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Builder Members: Working Through the Stay at Home Challenge

"We experienced a loss in new renovation and building contracts and found some of our current projects in limbo. Due to health concerns, delays and loss of work, some of our employees were laid off. Additionally, resources and materials were difficult to get as stores that were not deemed essential remained closed, while others deemed essential had limited hours and limited functioning capacity."

Kristie Veri, President
Cleanscape Construction
(201) 440-0525

"Our challenges all stemmed from the fact that we made promises to our clients that we would deliver their custom home projects on time and on budget. Our clients are like family and we never go back on our word. When towns closed, supply chains were disrupted and our trades struggled with family concerns, we were determined to do everything we could to ensure projects would continue in the most efficient manner, under the circumstances."

Andrew Giannattasio, Partner
GTG Builders
(908) 797-7930

"There were many challenges with Covid. We had major delays with getting materials, we had to spread out subs so they weren't working on the same project at the same time, and many townships were very behind, all causing slowdowns in progress (as well as delayed progress payments). We had very few calls for new work during this time, and we believe many contractors were underbidding to get jobs. The challenge we are facing today (which is one I will gladly take on anytime!) is trying to keep up with all of the new requests we are getting for work as many people are ready to get work done now!"

Geraldine Smith, President
All Inclusive Construction & Building LLC
(732) 484-9008

"Since we perform public and private work, the only challenge we found is that our private jobs were considered non-essential and were shut down for a couple of weeks; but our public jobs continued without interruption, except that workers were reluctant to come to work because of the COVID scare. So, I guess we slowed down a little, but nothing consequential."

Frank Belgiovine, President
Belmont Construction Corporation
(201) 706-8014, Ext 201



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